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Oct 29, 2023Liked by Jeremy Mercier

I commend you. Jeremy ! My father Roland Mercier Sr and his Father Emilien and mother Marion would be amazed at what you put together. All these names came alive once more because of your research. You my friend are one of a kind and I for one appreciate your work. Family History is vital to know where your roots came from. My Father Roland Mercier SR had two brothers Ferdinand and Andrew Mercier and I can say the Mercier Family who lived in the Cold Flat on Washington Street in New Britain CT were very close , It was a very tough life for my Grandparents and it was very hard for them to leave their homeland Qubec Canada in hoping for a better life in our great Country. I still can see my Grandfather PEPE singing French Songs sitting in his rocking chair and my MEME laughing with her three sons Roland, Ferdinand and Andy every Sunday Thanks buddy !!!!

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