What is Intellectual Dissatisfaction?

Intellectual dissatisfaction refers to a state of discontent or dissatisfaction that arises from a lack of intellectual stimulation, engagement, or fulfillment.

It often stems from feeling unchallenged, uninspired, or unfulfilled in one's intellectual pursuits, leading to a sense of restlessness and a desire for more meaningful and engaging experiences.

This can manifest in various aspects of life, such as work, education, or personal interests, and can be a driving force for change and growth as individuals seek out new opportunities to expand their knowledge and challenge their minds.

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Intellectual Dissatisfaction is a small US-based publication that features political reporting, reports on different music events across the nation, technical analysis on different stocks every week, and art from various small/local creatives.


Owner of Intellectual Dissatisfaction Husband and Father Drummer
Libertarian point of view on the politics that take place inside and outside the USA.
Manga/Anime Illustrator•Abstract Artist•Writer
DJ, Student of music and living life creatively. I want to share my journey through shows and festivals, so we can harness the inspiration of the events and grow the culture.
Graphic artist and merch company. We do custom merch specializing in full print with custom requests like extra/hidden pockets. We also enjoy writing on our events!
I love to paint and sew and spread peace wherever I go
Things will get better.