Intellectual Dissatisfaction
Temporality and Transcendence
Temporality and Transcendence

Temporality and Transcendence

Episode: 01

Episode 01 of Intellectual Dissatisfaction’s brand new podcast seeks to discuss and debate religion and secularism.

Art Stefanyuk, the podcast host, is joined by Jess Adams to debate Religion’s role in an applied moral framework, and whether it is necessary in today’s society.


Hello and welcome, folks.

Thank you so much for joining in with us today.

I am your host, Art, and I am joined by a special guest from all the way in Tennessee, Jess, and we are here today to talk about the issue of Religion and Secularism and namely the topic of discussion that we chose on or the title rather is Is Christianity Necessary for Truth and Meaning?

And me being the Protestant Christian, I would take an unashamed approach to answering this question as yes, Christianity is necessary for truth and meaning and not only that, Christianity is necessary.

I would argue that without Christianity, there is no alternative, ultimately.

Without Christianity, we wouldn't have any rational basis for truth, meaning, value, ethics, morality, even going beyond that.

First things first… THANK YOU for listening, and thank you for all your support. Your engagement and viewership is a motivating factor in our continued hard work. We do this for you guys!

We also wanted to invite anyone who would like to appear on our podcast to discuss/debate Art on such topics to contact us at intellectualdissatisfaction@​

Please include your name, most convenient means to contact you, and a short description of who you are, and what your position is.

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Intellectual Dissatisfaction
Temporality and Transcendence
Discussion over religion and secularism in a modern context
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